PVB series Axial Piston Pump
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PVB series Axial Piston Pump

Findway PVB series Piston pumps with Open circuits and variable displacement design, has proven itself in conveyor lines, injection molding machines and small presses, can replace Eaton-Vickers PVB series piston pumps.
PVB piston pump are variable with 6 displacement as PVB5,PVB6, PVB10,PVB15,PVB20,PVB29.

  • PVB
  • Findway
  • Hydraulic Piston pump
  • PVB piston pumps
  • 18 months
  • 5 days
  • used for industrial machinery

PVB piston pump Built for Industrial Applications

· High flow, high performance pumps for industrial applications
· Heavy duty, compact housings
· Engineered for long service life
· High performance, highly efficient with a variety of hydraulic fluids
· Versatile designs - single pumps, thru-drive pumps
· Multiple drive shaft options and control options
· Heavy duty bearings and shafts
· Interchangeable with Vickers PVB series
Findway PVB series Piston Pumps
Model PVB5 PVB6 PVB10 PVB15 PVB20 PVB29
Displacement 10.6/ml/r 13.8ml/r 21.1ml/r 33ml/r 42.8ml/r 61.6ml/r
Direction R: Clockwise   L: Anti-Clockwise
Rated Speed 1800r/min
21Mpa 14Mpa 21Mpa 14Mpa 21Mpa 14Mpa
Applications Open circuits hydraulic systems


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