Travel Gears HYDROTRAC GFT series



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Travel Gears HYDROTRAC GFT series

Findway Hydraulic Source Provide a wide selection of planetary gearboxes for the whole range of mobile applications,including the Construction machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Material Handling Etc. Planetary gearboxes are used as propel drives for rotary motion vehicles or as wheel drives in wheeled vehicles as well as swing drives for rotary motion and as winch drives for lifting and lowering loads. The planetary gearboxes have two, three or more planetary stages.
1,For travel drives in tracked and wheeled vehicles
2,Also suitable fir other rotary motion sequences, e.g. Drum drives, milling drum drives etc.
3, Two-,three or four-stage planetary gearbox
4,For attachment of fixed or variable motors(A2FM/E,A6VM/E,A10VE)
5,Torque output 9500...45000 Nm

  • Hydrotrac GFT
  • Findway
Findway Hydraulic Source provide the Travel Gearboxes HYDROTRAC GFT series.

1,Compact space-saving design

2,Integrated multi-disc parking brake
3,Low noise operation
4,Easy oil change
5,Robust main bearing
6,Optional at wheel drives: mechanical disconnecting device
7,Easy installation
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