Vane Pump T6 series Double Vane pumps
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Vane Pump T6 series Double Vane pumps

Findway T6ED series Double Vane Pumps with High Pressure, low noise and long working life is widely used for Plastic machine, Casting machine, Metallurgy Machine, Pressing Machine, Refining Machine, Marine-Machinery, Construction machinery. It has proven itself in Mobile and Industrial Application, can replaced with the Original Denison T6 series Vane Pump very well.
T6 series Double Vane Pump including the T6CC,T6DC,T6EC,T6ED.

  • Vane Pump T6 series Treble Vane pumps
  • Findway
  • T6ED double Vane Pump
  • 18 months
  • 5 days
  • used for industrial machinery
  • Standard Export Packing

T6 series Vane pump Built for Industrial Applications

1, With dowel pin vane structure, can work in high pressure,low noise, and long life;
2, This Vane pump can fit wide viscosity hydraulics medium and be started at low temperature and work at high temperature;
3, As the Vane pump adopts bilabial structure vane, Strong anti fouling capacity, large speed range.

Findway T6 series Double Vane Pump 

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Findway T6 Vane pump Technical Data

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